Transcript of Interview with Dr Lemuel Ng, Co-Founder of FOLO

Featured image photograph by Denise Lim.

This post includes the transcription of an interview conducted with Dr Lemuel Ng, co-founder of Malaysian social startup and organic farm, Feed Our Loved Ones (FOLO). From collecting local kitchen waste to upholding the farm-to-table movement by selling produce straight to consumers, the operation of the farm itself directly impacts the local community and contributes to social good.

I started home composting at the age of fifteen. In a way, that scrawny teenage girl wanted to make a difference by solving the kitchen and garden waste in her own home. I would become upset when my parents threw away fruit peels and dried leaves. At some point, I wondered if I wasn’t right in the head. Why was I composting and growing vegetables like a retiree – at fifteen years old?

In 2016, I visited FOLO with my classmates for a college assignment. This was how the interview came to be. I remember the enormous joy I felt when I saw the heaps of compost in their facility. The wonderful, earthy and slightly charred scent of ready compost! These were the people who were doing what I did on a much more massive scale. And they were right here in Johor Bahru (JB) – where I live.

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