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The Rabbit Basement

Bathing A Disabled Rabbit – How-to & What You Need

Helpful guide on how to carefully bathe your special needs rabbit. (Normal rabbits do not need baths.)

The Rabbit Basement

GI (Gastrointestinal) Stasis in Rabbits

Educational information on GI stasis. Covers symptoms, possible solutions and causes.


Best Cat Litter for Cats with Respiratory Problems (Chronic Cases, Asthma, Allergies)

Cat litter recommendations for felines with special needs. Includes personal cat care experience.


now with purpose

Rooftop Gardens & Pocket Parks In the Concrete Jungle

Explores the rise of green spaces (and their benefits) in cities across the world.

now with purpose

5 Easy Steps Towards A Zero Waste Lifestyle

Simple tips to kickstart zero waste living.

now with purpose

3 Sustainable Lifestyle Trends to Love

A look at zero waste stores, capsule wardrobes and home upcycling.



Our 5 Favorite Plant-Based Recipe Books

A handpicked list of books on vegetarian and vegan meals.


Top 10 Plant-Based Restaurants in San Francisco

Popular San Francisco restaurants that serve highly recommended vegetarian and vegan food.

now with purpose

The Delicious Art of “Mindful Cooking”

The healthy practice of preparing, cooking and eating meals mindfully.

Home & Garden


The Simple Guide to P. Gloriosum Care

A how-to guide on the tropical plant. For plant and gardening enthusiasts.

Now with purpose

8 Things to Never Throw Into Your Compost Pile

An informational piece. Not everything breaks down in the compost pot.



Product descriptions

Rooted Hues is an LA-based business specializing in rare houseplants. The product descriptions highlights the unique features of each plant and includes a brief care overview. (Click image for full content.)