The Rabbit Basement Blog

My former animal blog, The Rabbit Basement, serves as a source of information for first-time rabbit owners, animal lovers and advocates alike. Old blog posts are updated and made available on my writer website, Denise Lim.

“Stop Killing, Start Vaccinating.”

A rabies outbreak doesn’t mean that barbaric culling is the solution. Science has shown us a more effective, humane method: vaccination. Originally a written speech.

Short Story: Leo

Written from the perspective of an adopted cat, the short tale sheds light on the plight of stray animals. Leo was selected as Editor’s Pick for the 16th issue of the Youth Creative Writing collection.

Environment & Sustainability


Is iPhone X Waterproof? The Complete Guide to Apple iPhone’s “Water-Resistant” Feature

GizmoGrind – Planning for a water park vacation or snorkeling trip? Before you dive into the water with your iPhone … Read more

The Simple Guide to P. Gloriosum Care

Rooted Hues – With its distinctive veins and oversized, heart-shaped leaves, Philodendron Gloriosium is a foliage plant … Read more

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