Perromart Review 2020: Buying Pet Supplies from Perromart

To all the dedicated pet owners out there: food for our animals make up nearly 90% of pet expenses. Agree? If you have 3 cats (like me), don’t even get me started on daily supplies such as cat litter.

Good thing we recently discovered Perromart, an online pet supply store. We saved a lot just by switching where we got our dog and cat supplies.

Here’s an honest review of my Perromart experience, so you’ll have a clear look into the site’s pros and cons before buying from them!

Note: I’m not affiliated with Perromart Malaysia/Singapore in any way. The purpose of this blog post is merely to share info with my fellow fur parents out there!

A Review of Perromart: Pros & Cons

Pro #1: The price is much cheaper

My 3 cats go through a 24-litre bag of Green Kat litter a month. Buying it from physical pet stores costs RM55.00, on average. On Perromart, Green Kat litter (24L) is only RM34.00.

Ahh … and the premium Primal Nuggets. The price of Primal Nuggets 14oz ranges from RM100 to *GASP* RM160 per pack in nearby pet shops.

On Perromart, the Primal Nuggets 14oz pack costs only RM85.00.

Perromart Primal Nugget Duck
Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets

It’s not just the price though. Even if a daniel598 or p0werzpets starts selling Primal Nuggets at RM50 per pack, I feel more assured buying from an official retailer.

On my first purchase, I also got 5% off by using Perromart’s discount code!

Pro #2: Free gift for purchases above RM150

What’s even better than saving? Getting a free gift for all you’ve spent! During checkout, Perromart lets me choose the free gift I want.

Granted, they won’t gift you the most expensive brand. But I find it great when I’m looking to sample a product. I selected a Monge dog wet food pack.

Pro #3: The package arrived on time

I’ve came across reviews on Perromart Singapore saying that parcel deliveries were late. Thankfully in my case, Perromart Malaysia was on time.

As my purchase was above RM75, I was entitled to free shipping. On its website, Perromart states that it provides “delivery within 3 – 5 working days”. I received my package on the fifth working day.

Quack, who prefers to eliminate his body waste right after we clean his litter box, places great importance on fresh litter.

Just in time. We were out of Primal Nuggets for our cats. Our little duck cat, Quacky, was also expressing concern at our low inventory of cat litter.

Now, after all the praise, there’s a few negative aspects I’d like to inform you of.

Con #1: Not all brands available

To be fair, they already stock a wide variety of brands but other than Primal, Fancy Feast and that Green Kat litter, the few other brands I have tried aren’t suitable for my pets.

The kibble brand we currently buy is Natural Core, but the 6kg packs aren’t available on Perromart, so we continued to buy from the official Malaysia distributor, Pet360 (on Lazada).

Natural Core Lazada Pet360
Pet 360 on Lazada

Con #2: Order tracking number doesn’t work

When we received Perromart’s order confirmation email, the Order ID we were given wasn’t the tracking number. We only received the actual tracking ID from Ninjavan, 3 working days later (5-day wait in total).

The problem with this:

  • Perromart didn’t mention Ninjavan was their delivery partner. You can’t find it anywhere on their website.
  • During the few days wait, we tried calling their customer service multiple times but no one picked up.
  • We were about to follow-up with an email when the Ninjavan email suddenly came in.

However, the tracking ID doesn’t even work on Perromart’s tracking page. I believe this is a technical issue. All you’ll get is a “Parcel could not be found” message.

You’ll have to go to Ninjavan’s “Track Parcel” page to know your parcel’s delivery status.

Perromart review order tracking
“Parcel not found” message on Perromart’s tracking page
Ninjavan order tracking
Ninjavan’s tracking page – the one you’ll need to use

To sum up: is Perromart good?

With its clean website interface and search-friendly features, I really liked browsing through Perromart’s website.

(Maybe it’s just me, but browsing through Lazada or Shopee often gives me a headache with the advertisement-like design of the whole site.)

The order tracking part was a strange problem, but all in all, the package arrived on time and came in good shape. Buying pet supplies from them has certainly reduced the strain on our wallets.

Would I buy from Perromart again? Yes, especially those precious Primal Nuggets and indispensable Green Kat litter. I can’t emphasize how much we saved by buying these from them.

So if a product you’re looking for is available and cheaper on Perromart, I’d recommend you to just go for it!

Have you bought anything from Perromart? And psst … what was the free gift you received?

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